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 Waffles in the House

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Lt. Waffles

Lt. Waffles

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PostSubject: Waffles in the House   Waffles in the House EmptyWed May 26, 2010 12:05 am

Hello, title says it all really. If you wanna know about me, my real name is Blake. If you still don't notice the name "LtWaffles" as something farmiliar, think about the guy who gave Uutton the Glameow + Electrode set kind've team. That is me. Anyway, I'm really good at video games and I'm a jock at the same time. I play a variety of sports. soccer(mid-field), basketball(mostly for the rebounds)(Weird combination, eh?), football(Tight end, next year I'm going for Wide Reciever), I surf a lot, and I'm pretty good at tennis. I suck at baseball, I'm sorry but that is the one sport I fail in. <_< I have a pocket knife collection and a state coin collection(finished). I play a variety of games. Pokemon, Mario Kart Wii, CoD Series, Animal Crossing series, Super Smash Bros. series, Monster Hunter series, Left 4 Dead series, Gears of War series, and plenty of more I can't think of now.

So, now you know some of me. How about you all? And I do very well feel welcomed here. Thank you.

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Waffles in the House
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